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“The 5 Elements and Fairy Tales Characters”

“The 5 Elements and Fairy Tales Characters”.workshop for Children up 5 years, max.12 Persons, actually in German ,can by also Englisch.,…, workshop where we learn togheter  the   Animals Fairy Caracters in Pantomime with  the 5 Elements Harmonie Exercices of Qi (Energy) Gong (Method) ,the energy method of transformation in the nature of this 5 Elements ,Water, Wood, Fire ,Earth,Metal, from old China, getting prepared with our new knowledge for the Meeting in the Savanna where all animals are invited by King Lion. From the Book-“Nelso Mandela -Meine Afrikanischen Lieblings  Märchen” from C.H.Beck, in German Language, with Guests Story Teller-R.Neubauer ,R.S.Wittan,Flyers T. , A. and C. Mach .Premiere-10 June 2017-Yoga-room-4 Floor ,Lychenerstraße.60 ,10437 Berlin



    “The 5 Elements and Human Characters”

    In the “The 5 Elements and Human Characters” workshop for adults, i would like to share with you the elements exercise called the 5 harmonies from Qi(energy) Gong(method) : Water,Wood,Fire,Earth,Metal and through feel the different qualities off each state off transformation off the elements represent in the emotions wich makes an human character in body expression. For max.12 persons.Premiere : 6 May 2017 in yoga room,16-18. o’clock ,Lychener Straße.60

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      “Make Love not War”

      “Make love not war”-Premiere: 2 July 2016 ,(14.00-18.00), Lychenerstraße.6 ,10437 Berlin




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