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Welcome to my page.
Make my introduction with the slapstick trilogy “C’est la vie” pantomime live act, for a duo (she n he) from 2010 director and play (solo for duo) by me, put on stage 2000, here up (in duo) play with S. Tinsner, camera/cut Oana Urcan Camilleri (2009), film YouTube Carmen Mach 343, for adults, with (live) music, ca. 30 min, photos down R. Neubauer.
My next presentation is the interactive children theater show “Red Riding Hood and the Wolf” with pantomime and words, singing, dancing. From 5 years, German language (actually), director by me (2006) and  play with, ca. 30min, flyer H. Starick.


I would like to invit you here to m new pantomime workshops.
The first one: “5 Elements and the Human Characters“ for adults, where I like to share with you the elements exercise called the 5 harmonies  from Qi (energy) Gong (method): Water Wood Fire Earth Metal, feel the different qualities of each state of transformation of the elements represent in the emotion which makes an human character in body expression, for max. 12 persons, in Yoga-room , 4. floor, Lychener Straße 60, 10437 Berlin, 6  May Premiere, 27 May 2017, 16-18 o'clock, info for the next location coming soon, can be also in english,  please reservation till 5., 26. May, free cost probe hour 30. April, 17.00 o'clock, Mauerpark, vis a vis Max Schmeling Halle, beside the kids playing place.
The second workshop for children “5 Elemente und Märchen Charaktere “ (can be also in English) is also about knowing the 5 harmonies exercise Qi Gong from old China, energy method of the 5 elements transformation in the nature, preparing for the meeting where all animals are invited by king lion in the savanna. Guests Story teller: R. Neubauer and R.S. Wittan (10. June), flyers T., A. and C. Mach, for max. 12 persons, in german language, from Book-"Nelson Mandela-Meine Afrikanischen LieblingsMärchen", C.H.Beck, in Yoga-room, 4. floor, Lychener Straße 60, 10437 Berlin, 10. June Premiere, 17 June 2017, 16.00-18.00 o'clock, cost: 30 Euro (Red. 20 Euro).

 Photos down G. Maier.


Project work in the international field of art cultural education with the (6 months) workshops ”Ist Pantomime eine Sprache?" by Carmen Mach developed with the goal to provide personal development and better group and social integration for children and teenagers through the use of pantomime technique, in collaboration with ESF, CQ and “Projekt Archiv e.V.” ,workshops in “Thomas Mann Schule” Berlin, Deutschland, januar-june 2015, and Co-Partner “IDEOGRAMA Cultural Association “, workshops in “Fabrica De Pensule “ and ”DGASPC” Cluj-Napoca, Romania, march-april 2015. Photos G. Maier, photo middle down Arts Baye Fall  (July 2015), "Dakar Kids"- to be continued



I mention here my live performances –for a future in love and peace at Berlin old wall in the period 1996-1999 (Aug.,3 Oct)  "East –Side Gallery “, Berlin, with diashow/film, sound (and artists): G. Schaefer. Films YouTube carmenmach343 East Side Hotel.
“Portrait” my live performances in “Haus am Lützowplatz”( April- June 2013) in the exposition work in progress “Hartz 4 Arts“ with “KunstPalast” and the art collection from ” Willy Brandt Haus”, sound cello V. Paschold, up in the photo from  (H .Hubmann), up and down black and white photos (S .M. Madani), performing for the condition of I (why, who?) in our modern consuming society.
The picture down ( live made by artist see Sign ) in Halle 1996 by the "Middle Age Festival" from one of my "Gypsy Dances" together with musician band of F. Krüger.
In the up photo by (Lizard Lounge) picture made to my Butoh performance ”Separate Reality” in “Unwahr Gallery” Berlin (1998).


My Films up picture photo W. Arntzen (2002) and photos (F. Rossier) from the film “Mama” (1999) application for the Film Academy, Berlin, field Reggie of R. Kincses.
My next film the slapstick “Cèst la vie” (2009)here from the first act of the love story trilogy.
My experimental films “Senseless Symmetry” and “The Trip” (1998) camera cut/sound G. Scheafer.
My last Film here “Mana”(2016) camera W. Arntzen.


My work in the Arts here the ebony wood amulet ”High flying bird” (private collection), the talisman in copper and natural stones (labradorite) ”morning Sun rising “ and the collier in African pearls “Marriage” and some of my shoes paint design collection. Here hope soon for some new photos of my work.

Hope you joy visiting my page.

Thank you and see you later.

Peace and Love Carmen Mach (literature see graduated)

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