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“C’est la Vie”




in the Slapstick Trilogy “C’est la Vie”-Pantomime Live Act,for an Duo (She and He),from 2010 Director and Play by Me (Solo for Duo),up Photos- R.Neubauer,Put on Stage 2000,in Duo Version here play with- Silke Tinser, Camera/Cut- Oana Urcan Camilleri-2009 ,for Adults with (live) Music,cca 30 min.,

              “Wolf as Santa”

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      “Red Riding Hood and The Wolf”

      The Interactiv Children Theater “Red Riding Hood and the Wolf” with Pantomime and Words, Dancing and Singing,(actually) in German Language, Director by Me -2006 and Play wih , for Children up 5 Years ,cca 30 min, flyer by H.Starick

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