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Pantomime and Art


“Middle Ages Dance”

“Gypsy Dances” in “The Middle Age Festival” -1996 in Halle, with Musician Band of F. Krüger ,live made Picture by Artist (see sign).


Live Performace from the sequences “Portrait” create by me ,performed here in “Haus am Lützowplatz”-2013 (April -June)-Berlin, in the Exposition “Work in Progress”-“Hartz 4 Arts” with “Kunst Palace” and the Art Collection from “Willy Brand Haus” performing for the condition of “I-“Why,Who,What” in the modern consuming society….,sound Cello – V.Paschold, middle Photo -H.Hubmann, white and black Photos- S.M.Madani.

“The Mask”

Butoh  Performance “The Mask” in “Unwahr Gallery” -1998 Berlin, Photo by “Lizard Lounge”.


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